Little Treats

There's nothing like a cheeky little Escentual.com haul, I originally had my eyes set on one of the new Clarins Multi-Blush Cream Blushes (£14.90 on Escentual), but I also managed to pick up a few more things on my browse. The Clarins Blusher that I picked up is in the shade 02 Candy, which is a stunning pink colour, and is very spring ready. I've swatched it and it's a divine cream to powder formula that's also very lightweight. I almost went for the shade 01 Peach, and to be honest I might end up buying all three of the other shades, the formula is just too dreamy.

I've never been the heaviest of sleepers, so I'll pretty much buy or try anything that offers to help. I did have some of the This Works Sleep Balm, but it's been running out of it's lavender scented steam recently, so I popped the Tisserand Sweet Dreams Roller Ball (£5.50) into my basket. You can roll this over your pulse points, such as behind your ears, your neck, and your temples to help aid sleep. Fingers crossed this works!

Escentual is a bit of a skincare minefield for me, I can never seem to place and order that doesn't comprise of at least one skincare item. This is mostly because they stock looooooaaadddss of French Pharmacy skincare brands, and this time I went for a product from Avene. I picked up their Cleanance K Cream-gel (£8.90), which is an exfoliating gel-moisturiser-thing. It contains AHA and BHA acids, which are supposed to help unclog pores, resurface the skin, and ultimately banish blemishes. My skin does still go through the odd rough patch, so I'm hoping this will come in handy for whenever I next get a flare up.

What have you been treating yourself to lately?

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  1. I love escentual.com! x


  2. One of my favourite online places to shop x

  3. Love the clarins blush! It's amazing.

    Have a wonderful day.



  4. Have you tried clarins melt off cleanser?! It's divine I've been meaning to ask you for months! xo

  5. No I haven't lovely, is that the cheap-ish one in the tube? x


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