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February Mixtape

I thought it was time to do something a tad different on srslylou, and introduce you a tiny bit to the mad world of the music I listen to. I go through phases of listening to non-stop Marilyn Manson, but I also have a soft spot for house/dance music and everything in between. Basically my iTunes looks like a complete mess, but a mess always means a good party... right?

Anyway, I thought I'd share what I've been listening to this month. It's very heavily influenced by the TV series Girls - well three tracks anyway. Points to whoever spots them! There's also a verrrrry obvious pick from the American Hustle soundtrack, and from Lost in Translation.

Track list:
Sleigh Bells - Bitter Rivals
Lily Allen - L8 Cmmr
La Roux - Fascination 
Lorde - 400 Lux
Made In Heights - Skylark Interabang?!
My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
Miguel - Simple Things
ELO - 10538 Overture

Listen to the playlist here

Just a little note to say that the photo of the lovely London Underground was taken by me in my art/photography days. You can see some other old photos here on my flickr account too.. 


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