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Blogger Love Tag

This tag was created by Make Up Savvy, but I've seen it on numerous blogs and be name-dropped in the odd post too (massive thank you). I thought it was about time that I took my turn, so here you go...

What was the first blog you ever came across?
Oh goodness, apart from the likes of llymlrs, one of the first proper 'beauty' blogs I came across (from what I remember after starting my own blog) was Let's Talk Beauty. The lovely Vicki had actually left a couple of comments on here, so I took a peek at her blog and I've been following (stalking) her ever since.

I also remember reading a lot of The Sunday Girl early on in my blogging days too, lots of love for Adrienne's hard work.

Favourite beauty blog reads...
Well if it wasn't obvious, Let's Talk Beauty. Vicki's always so honest with her reviews, and I trust her opinions.

I'm also a massive fan of Fragmented Splendour (amazing posts and great tips for adopting a more natural beauty stash), gh0stparties, Late Night Nonsense (seriously amazing photography and Adrienne is lovely too), Makeup Pixi3 (I've been following Georgina forever now, she's an exceptionally talented lady). I'm also always checking out Vivianna Does Makeup.

Best blogging friend...
I don't really have a blogging best friend as such, but I'd sure as hell like to meet Vicki, Georgina, Sophia, Holly (she's completely hilarious, I will you to go and follow her, now!), Adrienne, Chelsea, and Isobel. To be honest I'd just like to go to one big meet up and hug everybody.

Name a blog that enables your purchases...
That's easy, VICKI *points finger and stares intensely*. She's easily my biggest enabler, and for too often I'm posting about something the week after I've seen it on her blog. I'm also partial to any skincare product-drop that Kate at gh0stparites makes, and I stalk I Covet Thee's youtube videos for products to try.

5 blogs everyone should be reading!
This is so hard, just five?
Let's Talk Beauty
Sugarfixxbeauty (I'm recently obsessed with Katie's blog, and she's a fan of The Fassdong Michael Fassbender, need I say more?)

Your favourite way to read blogs
The 'traditional' way, on my macbook. I'm getting more and more prone to late night blog stalking on my ipad though. So if you're getting 1am dribbling comments, yes, it was probably me. 

Bloggers that inspire you...
Definitely Kate from gh0parties/Nouvelle Daily. I'm always in awe of how much hard work Kate puts into running GP and Nouvelle Daily. Though to be honest I always find little wisps of inspiration from every single blog I read. Everybody is doing something a little bit differently.

Favourite blog design/look...
I recently stumbled across Sophs Choices and I'm in love with the grid theme she has.

What is your favourite thing about blogging? 
Getting to interact with so many great people, that's honestly the biggest 'perk' of blogging. The community of bloggers that I know are the loveliest people and are always there for a nudge of support.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future!
Crikey, maybe Luce. The way she writes sometime screams 'please write at least 80 pages about this for me'.


  1. This made me smile! :) Thank you for the mention lovely and we DEFINITELY need to meet up! xo

  2. Aww this is lovely, thank you so much sweetie, such a lively post :)


  3. Thank you for the mention! It's great to see that my blog is inspiring people and I worked long and hard on the design :)



  4. Eeep, thank you for the mention lovely lady!! :D x

  5. No problem, I have my fingers crossed that we actually meet in person this year x

  6. :) Me lovely? Says you! x

  7. I'm sure we will :) x x x

  8. Great answers :) Also love Let's Talk Beauty's blog and have to agree with you on being in awe of Kate from Ghostparties

    Fee x

  9. Thanks for popping by Fee :) Those ladies are both marvels x

  10. Thanks for this Amy, after my migraine-fueled few days this was just what I needed to break through the bad mood. Your blog has me swooning! xo

    Adrienne @ Late Night Nonsense | Bloglovin'

  11. You said *me*!!! We should definitely arrange some sort of Blogger-Hug-Party thing. That'd be cool x

  12. Holly Gardiner1 March 2014 19:43

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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